Cardboard Collections For Shops Ad-Hoc

Cardboard Collections For Shops

If you own or manage a shop with a warehouse then packaging will always be a problem. We can help you with this problem. We offer a completely no contract collection and recycling service.

Call us when you need us.

Our telephone or email will always be answered, simply get in touch and make a booking. We will come and collect your materials and take them away for recycling.

We can provide a wheelie bin or IBC skip which can be filled and we will collect for recycling.

What to do with your old packaging…

*  Flat pack the boxes, tape them up and store them for future outbound deliveries.

  • Donate to friends and family who are moving home soon.
  • Load them in the car/van and take them to the recycling centre
  • You can try and sell them online such as eBay, Facebook or your local newspaper.

and lastly if the above doesn’t help….

  • Call us and we will come and collect it all and recycle it for you.

All the cardboard boxes are taken to a cardboard recycling facility, the plastic bubble wrap is recycled and paper is also recycled.

We can collect the packaging direct from your store room, no need to flat pack the boxes if you don’t have the time or you aren’t able to do so, we want to make the recycling of your old materials as easy as possible.

Facts about cardboard…

1- In 1840, cardboard boxes became very popular in France. They used boxes to transport moth eggs all the way from Japan.

2- Cardboard boxes are no longer just a packaging material. 30% of businesses use printed packaging to increase consumer interest and advertise their business.

3- Corrugated cardboard packaging is the most environmentally friendly solutions on the market, due to their biodegradable and non-toxic properties.

4- In the UK alone, approximately 5 billion corrugated boxes are manufactured, and it’s a figure that is estimated to increase over the years to come.

5 – Cardboard boxes are generally made out from re-used materials, as 70-80% of boxes are recycled.

Where do we cover?

We cover a 20 mile radius of chesterfield which covers..

  • Packaging recycling in Chesterfield
  • Packaging recycling in Sheffield
  • Packaging recycling in Mansfield
  • Packaging recycling in the Peak District
  • Packaging recycling in South Yorkshire
  • Packaging recycling in Derbyshire
  • Packaging recycling in Nottinghamshire
  • Packaging recycling in Staffordshire
  • Packaging recycling in Lincolnshire


Call us on 01246 268 777 for a collection & recycling quote and date, email us on or use our quote form which is here 

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