Loft Clearance

Loft clearance company in Chesterfield, helping you gain your loft back.

We do require the loft to be fully boarded if you want us to clear the loft for you….

Clearing a loft is pretty straight forward, we will bring a few wheelie bins or bags, pull them to the loft opening, fill them, and drag them away and take them off for recycling.

Once we have emptied your loft, we always sweep the floor and brush down any cobwebs so its all clean and tidy.

House clearance prices

Why use a wheelie bin?

Think of our wheelie bins as manoeuvrable little skips that can be pulled into your property, be filled and then drag them back outside ready for a us to take away for recycling.

Our bins come in 120L and 240L size bins, the smaller bin is great for tiles and smaller bit heavy items and the larger 240L wheelie is great for bulky but lighter items such as plasterboard, wood and off cuts.

General de-clutter of a loft.

If you simply require a de-clutter of your loft then this is no problem, again we will bring sufficient wheelie bins and if you explain your requirements and we can look after the loft clearance from there.

Do we recycle the contents?

Yes, we always recycle contents of the loft such as metals, wood, plastics, paper and cardboard.

 Is there any saleable items in a loft?

You might be surprised but old tools will sell at auction, plus retro toys, furniture and collectables they wont make a lot but every penny counts.

If you wish to send these to auction, then we can box these up and take them. When they sell you will get 100% of the proceeds minus auction house costs.


If you wish to take some time and clear your own loft then this is no problem. We can deliver sufficient wheelie bins to your home, you can the fill them and call us when your ready for collection and recycle.

You can use a skip if you wish and we can help you with this but our wheelie bins can be pulled into your loft, filled and we can drag them to our collection van and taken away. 

With a skip you will have to barrow the contents to the skip and have it blocking your driveway for a day or so.

What about your carpets?

We don’t want to make your carpets dirty so we fit plastic carpet protector which will keep your carpet clean and the once the clearance has been completed the plastic sheeting can be lifted and recycled.

The carpet wrap sticks to your carpet so it doesn’t slide around but we always advise that it is lifted as possible after use.


Call us on 01246 268 777 for a collection & recycling quote and date, email us on or use our quote form which is here 

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