Man and Van Waste Clearance

Save money by using our man and van waste clearance service.

Man and van house clearance – Man and van commercial clearance – Man and van garden clearance – Man and van trades clearance.

What is our man and van waste clearance service?

Man and van waste clearance is as simple as it sounds, we will bring our cage tipper van to you and you can load the van with as much junk as you can fit in the van body.

Our driver will be available to help you stack the van if required. The self loading waste clearance service is basically an alternate skip hire which is particularly perfect for house clearances.

Positives and also negatives for our self loading service.

Positives such as,

  • No parking permits unlike a skip if it’s on a main road,
  • Much better for bulky items such as beds, wardrobes, drawers etc as our van body has square side so you can stack furniture much better.
  • No unsightly skip on your drive for a week,
  • No risk of fly tipping in your skip over night,
  • Much more compassionate than throwing your items in a skip,
  • Nobody raiding your skip at night.

Negatives could be,

  • There is a time limit for loading which is 1 hour for a full load,
  • Not ideal for heavy items such as rubble, soil, bricks etc due to how heavy it is,
  • Cost of a 14yd skips are between £250 and £350.

What does our van look like?

Our van is a modern cage tipper van fitted with a 14cub.yd body.

Cage tipper van

  • Carries 1 ton maximum,
  • 14cub.yard which holds similar volume as 2 x standard 8yd builders skips or a very large 1 x 14yd skip.
  • 1 hour loading time for a full load,
  • 1 x full load minimum unfortunately.

What can you put in our van?

Our van will carry all types of household items, such as

  • Living room furniture,
  • Bedroom furniture,
  • Kitchen furniture,
  • All types of electrical appliances,
  • White goods ( additional charge for fridge/freezers ),
  • Garage & shed materials,
  • Garden furniture,

Our top tips.

To maximise the service we advise a few top tips, such as.

  • Ask family and friends to help you load the van.
  • Get everything ready and as close to the van as possible, prior to our arrival,
  • Break down any large items such as wardrobes as they take up a lot of space if left whole.
  • Have all small items bagged or boxed up ready to put on the van.
  • Try to get the van as close to your waste as possible, less walking time means more loading time.

Common questions, answered.

Q) Why do we only get 1 hour to load?

A) Unfortunately we have to give a loading time limit to ensure we can help our other customers through out the day.

Q) Can I book a longer time slot?

A) Yes, no problems. Simply ask for more time upon booking the job and we can give you a extended time quote. We can not extent time on the day.

Q) Why is there a 1 ton weigh limit?

A) All vehicles have a maximum legal weight for road safety, our van is 3500KG or 3.5 tons and this much include everything such as the driver, fuel, oils, lunch boxes and of cause your loaded waste.

Q) Can I book more than 1 load?

A) Yes no problems, you can book as many loads as you wish. If you book a load and don’t use it, you will get charged 25% of the load Fee but NOT the full price.

What’s the costs?

We do have full load policy unfortunately for self loading clearances.

Additional costs all plus vat.

  • Fridge disposal – £40 extra per appliance to recycle,
  • Tyres – £12.00 extra,
  • Sofas and mattresses – £12 each,
  • Rubble, soil, tiles – 20P per KG,

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