Skip Bags For Trades

Professional skip bags for Trades.

We’re a local, reliable and established company with over 15 years experience in the waste recycling sector.

We’re offering a new service to our current services – Skip Bags.

Important information about our skip bag service.

All loose items MUST be bagged, particularly please do not put un-bagged food in the skip bag,

Please put all loose items in bin bags as this keeps our operatives safe while emptying the bag.

We sell quality bin bags if you need them.

What is a skip bag.

  • A skip bag is a hessian woven bag which holds 1 x cubic yard of waste.
  • 90cm x 90cm x 90cm in size.
  • Holds upto 1 ton in household furniture and waste.
  • Unfortunately we can’t move soil/hardcore but this service will be available in the future.

Why use a skip bag rather than a traditional skip.

  • They are smaller than a skip so perfect for those small clearouts.
  • No time limits, a traditional skip will have a hire limit of around 2 weeks. You can take a year to fill a skip bag if you wish.
  • NO driveway damage with a skip bag, they are not heavy metal objects which could damage your driveway.

What’s the costs.

  • Buy our empty skip bag which is £20.00 INC VAT.
  • You can fill the bag in your own time.
  • Call us for collection which is £80.00 INC VAT.
  • We can empty the skip bag so you can keep it for further re-filling and then simply pay the £80.00 per empty.

What can be put in the bags?

Items you CAN put in the bags…

  • Broken down furniture,
  • Bagged Clothes,
  • Bagged food stuff,
  • Metal,
  • Electrical items,
  • Bedding, duvets, bedding,
  • Cardboard and plastic,
  • Paper and packaging,

Items you CAN NOT put in the bags,

  • Soil,
  • Hardcore,
  • Un-bagged food waste,
  • Fridges,
  • Freezers,
  • Asbestos,
  • Paint & oil,
  • Any chemicals whether garden or household.

Where do we operate our skip bag service.

  • Chesterfield,
  • Mansfield,
  • Peak District,
  • South Sheffield.

We can still help you if your outside this area but we would need to discuss prior to your ordering your bag – 01246 268 777.

Where should the bag be placed for collection.

Please ensure the bag is within 2M of access for our van for collection, so on your driveway and we will simply reverse our van upto the side of the bag.

Unfortunately any bags that our out of reach of our crane, will be left behind or we can empty manually at additional charge to you.

If you have any questions please call our friendly team on 01246 268 777

Local – professional recycling company.

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