Cardboard Collections For Shops Ad-Hoc

Wheelie Bin Work For Office Blocks

Getting your building waste or general office waste down to the van or skip has never been easier than using our wheelie bin service.

Simply fill the bin, pull it down stairs or safer option use a lift and then the bin and junk is collected and recycled.

What is a wheelie bin recycling?

Think of our wheelie bins as manoeuvrable little skips that you can pull into your property, fill them and then drag them back outside ready for a collection.

Our bins come in 140L and 240L size bins, the smaller bin is great for tiles and smaller but heavy items and the larger 240L wheelie is great for bulky but lighter items such as plasterboard, wood and off cuts.

Who can use our wheelie bins?

* Office recycling

  • Trades such as electrician, plumbers, builders, plasterers, joiners etc.
  • Garage recycling
  • Home clearance

You can easily drag the wheelie bins into a lift for when clearing office blocks or construction work is occurring and your want to keep your site clear of debris.

What can be recycling using our wheelie bins.

You can use the bins the recycle pretty much anything,..

Paper shredding at your office

We also offer an excellent paper shredding service, we will supply shredding bans or wheelie bins which are adequate for your level of shredding, please visit our website here

What can we shred?

  • Bank documents
  • Old or new invoices
  • Old purchase orders or new
  • All types of sensitive information.
  • Cardboard files, lever arch, plastic slips

Where do we cover?

We cover a 20 mile radius of chesterfield which covers..

  • Wheelie bin recycling in Chesterfield
  • Wheelie bin recycling in Sheffield
  • Wheelie bin recycling in Mansfield
  • Wheelie bin recycling in the Peak District
  • Wheelie bin recycling in South Yorkshire
  • Wheelie bin recycling in Derbyshire
  • Wheelie bin recycling in Nottinghamshire
  • Wheelie bin recycling in Staffordshire
  • Wheelie bin recycling in Lincolnshire


Call us on 01246 268 777 for a collection & recycling quote and date, email us on or use our quote form which is here 

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